When I first started attending concerts lighters were all the rage.  The lights went down and on certain songs everyone would bust out their Bic lighter to illuminated the room to set a mood.  Well, for a number of reasons lighters are not in everyone’s pocket at concerts these days.  Do you think that stopped concert goers from creating that mood?  No way.  Cell phones are the new lighters.  With stong backlights cell phones create the same atmosphere as lighters without the fire risk.  Brain cancer maybe, but that’s all speculation.

This type of innovation is needed by analysts.  In the end, our goal is the same.  We need understand the true business opportunity and develop and implement the right solution.  New methodologies, different project types, different stakeholders, etc. are a constant in our work.  You need to adapt your approach to meet the changes you are faced with.  If today you are using the “lighter” be prepared to bust out your “cell phone” on the next project.

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