We are often asked by managers if we have a list of suggested interview questions for BA candidates. We do have a few and are happy to share them. As I was thinking about effective ways of evaluating BA candidates I was reminded of an interview that I had many years ago. After the traditional “talk” with the manager and HR, they gave me a written test. One of the questions presented a diagram of a system (a combination of an ANSI flowchart and a system architecture diagram) and asked me to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the system design. This was an essay question and I had one page for an answer. I really enjoyed this question because I immediately saw lots of flaws in the design presented (redundant data stores, overly complex interfaces, etc.). I actually filled up the page and continued on the back of the sheet. This was an excellent way for the hiring manager to evaluate my analysis skills along with my writing skills. Was my essay coherent? Did I find the same flaws that they expected me to find? Did I uncover anything that they hadn’t thought of? How did my analysis compare to the other candidates?

I recommend that you ask analysis tests/questions like this when you are interviewing BAs. It can really give you a different assessment of their capabilities than the conversational part of the interview.

Oh, did I get the job? Yes I did, and on my first day I was told that the system I had evaluated during my interview was an old system that my team would be responsible for maintaining!! I should have known what I was getting myself into.

**Our Assessment for Business Analyst Candidates provides the suggested interview questions referenced above.**

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