how low can you go

When writing the title of this post I started to sing “How low can you go…How low can you go?”  I told you that so I am not the only one with that song stuck in my head.

On to the blog post.  Yesterday, I had a meeting with the technical lead for the project I am working on.  We were reviewing some of the initial requirements I had elicited and we started discussing technical design considerations.  He asked if I would be documenting some of the technical design details.  My initial plan did not have me going that far, but I said I could and would if necessary.  In the end, it was agreed he was the most qualified to document the technical requirements for the project.

Now I have a few questions.  How technical do you go?  Does your current role require you to work on the detail technical requirements for a project.  If asked, could you go technical?  Do you feel it is best for the business analyst to go technical?

Whether you do or don’t go technical, I feel it is critical for the business analyst to be part of the design sessions to ensure the business needs are being met through the designed solution. 

Please share your thoughts.  Thanks

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