B2T Training built a BA certification several years ago because many of our customers asked for one. Our program has been very successful. We have over 150 certified BAs who have demonstrated not only BA knowledge but the ability to do analysis work and to present requirements in a structured format. You can read all about our certification process on our certification page on B2T Training's website.

The IIBA certification program aims to certify people with the same intentions: assessment of knowledge and ability. The IIBA certification program will be built around the BA BOK. This body of knowledge for analysis is completely consistent with the things that B2T Training has been teaching and testing on for years.

The IIBA will not be "grandfathering in" people certified by any other organizations. This decision is appropriate and supported by B2T Training. If the IIBA decided to allow some vendor programs to be grandfathered in, it would have to assess those programs each individually and they are very different. Many training organizations have Certificates of Completion. These programs often only require that students take an exam after a class to assure that the knowledge has been learned. They are certifying that the student has completed the program. This may or may not verify the ability of the student to perform business analysis work.

B2T Training has been involved with IIBA since the very beginning. The IBA is an independent organization setting industry standards and B2T Training feels strongly that this organization can and will increase the recognition of our profession. To be truly independent the IIBA cannot show favoritism to any vendor organization.

Even as the IIBA certification is made available, we feel that our certification still provides value. It will take some time for the IIBA certification program to be tested and assessed. It will also take time for the IIBA certification to be recognized in the industry. Our certification program has already been proven and is recognized as a job requirement in many organizations.

Our certification will give you great confidence if you decide to prepare for the IIBA Certification when it is available.

You should also know that B2T Training has tremendous respect as an industry leader in business analysis and many of our corporate customers require their BAs to become certified in our program. We hope you will continue to pursue your certification with us.

Lastly, the B2T Training Certification process is a complimentary and optional benefit with your training. You do pay with your time but in return you get the opportunity to take a final exam that truly tests whether you can apply your BA skills and write a clear requirements package. We stand by our certification and we will always support our Certified BAs.

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