You choose. Have you ever worked with anyone who complains about every task that comes their way? It makes the work day seem so much longer. Some people always seem to have a problem or reason why things go awry or they believe that their issue is always someone else’s fault. They can’t see that it is not the project, the people, or the business complexity that is the problem – it is their own attitude.

In a normal working day we talk and interact often with our stakeholders, our teammates, our colleagues and our management. Our behavior allows those who work with us to view us in a particular way. On a daily basis you get to choose whether you will be perceived as someone who gets things done or as someone who gives reasons why things are not accomplished as committed.

I work with people every day that I consider to be “heroes”. I don’t mean like police or firemen that rescue people out of burning buildings but I do mean the type of people that make our jobs fun and exciting. My work heroes are positive individuals. They take what comes, especially challenges, and they create something so much better than we could imagine.  A work hero is someone who can muster enthusiasm and encouragement even when their colleagues are being negative, bemoaning the fact that they are working a difficult assignment. You know those projects from “hell” that everyone loves to brag about. There will probably always be victims in the world ready to point fingers and blame others for failures that occur. My heroes do not let themselves off the hook when there is a tough project and they work their magic by bringing people together to solve a problem in a very creative, unexpected way. Their secret ingredients are persistence, enthusiasm, generosity and hard work.  I am very fortunate that I do not work with any victims. My colleagues inspire me with their encouraging, optimistic attitudes.

Unfortunate things do happen, but one way to tackle issues is to take pause and regroup to resolve problems or to replan work that is not going the way it should. Think, “What can I do to create a winning situation?” Often problems begin with poor communication. Keeping heated emotions out of work discussions is prudent and working cohesively through difficult times, rather than pointing fingers at our team mates work unexpected miracles.

When you look around I am sure you can see heroes and victims in your work environment.  Learn from the heroes and try to influence any victims you know to look introspectively if problems keep happening. It is not always easy to be positive but it is always a good idea to check our attitudes so that we are getting the best out of ourselves and others who we influence on a daily basis. I would love to hear comments about how heroes and victims affect your work places.

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