You wouldn't seek treatment from an orthopedic doctor for heart surgery. So why would you want business analysis training from a provider who specializes in project management?

We understand that business analysis is a role comprised of a broad range of skills that can only be learned from an expert specializing in the area. Some see business analysis as just an extension of project management with the addition of requirements gathering. Most of those individuals or companies don't truly understand the complexity of the BA role or its value to the organization.

While there appear to be some similarities between these two roles, their underlying detailed tasks are uniquely different.  For example, scoping is performed by the PM and BA, but for very different reasons and deliverables. The PM delivers a project charter which defines the project, the objectives, and a list of project participants including resources. The BA delivers a project scope which defines the boundaries of what is going to be analyzed as part of the project including high-level processes and a more detailed analysis of the root cause of the problem being addressed.  Overall, the roles have a different function. The PM is ultimately responsible for the project completion, its budget, resources, and a timely completion. The BA is responsible for fully understanding the business problem and providing complete analysis to ensure that the solution best meets the needs of the business. These roles have completely different focuses requiring unique training for each role.

The more analysis tools a BA masters, the more valuable he will be to the organization. Look to those who can truly help you master business analysis skills. Specialized business analysis training can help improve your analysis skills in areas such as critical thinking skills, root cause analysis, process analysis, and data analysis. Training provides a forum to fine tune your ability to widen the breadth of questioning and your ability to listen for true causes of the problems, not just symptoms. It also increases your agility in being flexible to work on many types of projects and become a critical resource to your organization.

B2T Training focuses on providing only business analysis training. Our instructors are seasoned business analysts who are passionate about the complexity and uniqueness of business analysis.

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