I was thinking just the other day how I love the New Year because it is full of possibilities. I take the opportunity to be introspective and think about the habits, the skills and talents that I have used (and sometimes misused!), my successes and my failings and whether I am still on course with my goals for life or I want to re-charter myself. Like many people I tend to feel inspired and optimistic about things that I plan to do, change and improve. I consider new areas I plan to explore and I get really motivated when I spring into action. For example, I had started a bad habit of working until very late and then coming in late to the office because I was tired. Over the holidays I thought about how this one bad habit was affecting many areas of my personal and professional life. It made me tired, grumpy, less able to handle stress, less healthy because I put off exercise and ate at weird times and I just felt like sometimes life was overwhelming me. Just coming in to the office earlier was the small change I planned to make. This one little thing has already started helping me feel more energetic, allows me to set reasonable boundaries about when I would go home,  makes me feel I am back in control of my life, and gives me time to take care of myself as I should (like exercising and eating healthy). Now I know that not everything will change overnight but truly once I decided to make that small change of coming to the office earlier, I can tell you, that I feel like a new and improved person.

As a business analyst can you think of something you might change, improve or start doing that might create some dramatic benefit for you in your personal and professional life? Think back to what you are very proud of this past year and take pride in your accomplishments and then also look at areas where you felt disappointment. Do you enjoy getting up every day? Are you working at full capacity doing something challenging? Are you living the life you envisioned? Do you have the relationships you want? Are you communications successful? If not, change it. We can’t control all circumstances and other people but we can control how we respond to them! We can take responsibility for our lives and our happiness by making small incremental changes in our lives. As I heard someone say when I quit whining, I started winning. It certainly rings true for me. Brainstorm ideas with yourself about what small changes you can make today that will allow you to feel inspired, committed, and happy with your life and your work. Just think what exciting changes we can all create if everyone would do this right now. I wish everyone who reads this blog the very best life for this new year; may you all find joy, peace, good health, fellowship and prosperity in your lives and may you go for it 100% each and every day. Cheers and have a fabulous year!

Ever optimistically yours,

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