All winter, I look out my window at a golden brown lawn. With the Bermuda grass still dormant, I look forward to spring when we can start mowing a nice thick green lawn. Well, I like the look of a nicely mowed thick green lawn. The mowing part I could do without! Lucky me – spring officially arrived a little over a week ago…and its first week in Atlanta turned out warm and sunny. With that, I realized the lawn just does not get green on its own. There are steps to take like, removing the thatch, aerating, applying weed killer, and water, lots of water.

Do you ever think of your professional development as a golden brown pasture just waiting to turn green? Ok, maybe I am the only strange one! Just like your lawn, your development needs attention. You won’t just grow professionally overnight. You need to think through what steps you will take to grow. It could be having more discussions with peers and mentors, attending webinars, reading books, attending classes,etc. With the coming of spring, begin to prepare for your growth and maybe you’ll earn some more green! Ok…that was cheesy!

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