The main program at July’s Greater Atlanta IIBA chapter meeting was about User Flow Diagrams.  The presenter was Carol Kilpatrick, modeling and design specialist, from Delta Technology.  She gave a great presentation on how she documents work flow diagrams to focus on user actions.  There were two points Carol made that apply to all documents we produce as Business Analysts.

1) Use a consistent format.  By using a consistent format the readers of the deliverables become familiar with the document.  This allows the reader to focus on the message of the document and not the format.  When there are multiple BAs working with the same project team and business stakeholders it is even more important.  You want the reader to focus on what is being communicated, not how you are communicating.

2) Produce drafts quickly and have them reviewed.  By having your documents reviewed early and often you get instant feedback on the accuracy and completeness of your document.  There is a risk here.  You can be viewed as presenting incomplete documents.  Make sure your reader is aware it is an early draft to make sure you are on the right track.

The main reason for consistency and reviews is to help ensure we have elicited and documented clear and complete requirements.  Please share your tips on how we can get to clear and complete requirements!

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