Recently, we have been focusing on the topic of critical thinking and I was reminded of a blog that I wrote for BATimes a couple years ago. Critical thinking is something that people ask us about all the time, “I need my BAs to learn how to think critically.” What most people don’t realize is that doing business analysis is critically thinking! The process of analyzing complex situations and breaking them down into manageable chunks is critically thinking. Planning how you will elicit information from a group and help them come to a decisions is critical thinking.

While some people might not know the specific techniques needed to perform these analysis tasks, anyone can be taught (ask me about our Essential Skills for Business Analysis course!). But how do you know that the BAs on your team can apply those techniques to effectively reach your goal? In this blog entry I talk about a question to ask candidate BAs to see if they critically think. You can also use this question for yourself and other team members.

I hope you enjoy.


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All the best

– Kupe

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