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Online Proficiency Exams

How should I best prepare for the exam?
  • You may want to take the exam soon after the class completes so material is fresh in your mind.
  • You should study for each proficiency exam just as you would for any test, by reviewing the course materials, examples given and notes that you have taken in class.
  • You should plan to take the exam when you have 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time available to complete it in one sitting.
  • If you want practice questions or seek additional reinforcement before taking the online exam consider purchasing a study guide. Study guides are available for each of the core courses.
  • If you are an experienced business analyst who does not attend our classes but desires certification, you will want to review the course content and consider additional resources recommended on our Web site to reinforce any knowledge areas. We recommend you take all practice exams available. You may purchase the online exams here.
Are there sample exams or questions to review prior to taking the exam so I have a better idea of what to expect?
  • You will be tested about terms and concepts taught during your classes as well as tested on your understanding of those concepts.
  • All questions are multiple choice.
  • Consider purchasing a study guide to assist you in passing each core course proficiency area exam. It includes practice questions and help.
How long do I have to take the exam? Does the 8 hour period begin as soon as I login to the online website?
  • We recommend you take the exam soon after completing the course so that the material is fresh in your mind.
  • If your access to the exam has expired, you may reactivate your exam authorization by contacting certification@b2ttraining.com.
  • Each exam has an 8 hour timer. Once you answer the first question the 8 hour timer begins.
  • If you logoff, the exam is saved but the timer continues (the timer does not pause even if you are not logged into the testing site).
Are the online exams open book? May I work with other people to answer the questions? May I ask help from a B2T Training instructor about any tricky exam questions?
  • All exams are “open book.” You may review your notes or course materials while trying to complete any exam.
  • There is no collaboration or discussion permitted regarding B2T Training exams. You may not share or discuss any content. You may not request help from any B2T Training personnel during the examination process regarding exam content. Failure to comply with these rules may mean that your Certification may be withheld or revoked.
What if my computer goes down, or contact is lost to the site mid-exam? What happens?
  • If something has happened on the system to stop you from completing the exam you will get another free try – no charge.
  • The B2T Learning Management System is available 24/7 so pick a time when you will not be interrupted.
What if you think you have enough time, but then are called away in an emergency and the 8 hour timer expires - does that still count as a first exam?
    • If you have a problem, just call 678.366.1363 or email certification@b2ttraining.com and we will try to help.
    • If taken in one sitting, the average test is less than 1 hour and should take no more than 2 hours max.
    • If the system goes down, there should not be a problem with logging back in to the test you have started.
If I do not pass an exam the first time, can I take a second exam right away? Are there any time constraints around taking the second exam? Are there any special procedures/changes for sign-in the second time around?
  • You do not need to contact us to begin your second attempt and there is no change to your log-in procedure.
  • You may take your second exam at any time, but we recommend doing so within 30 days of your first attempt.
  • If you do not pass your second attempt you must wait six months and contact us via e-mail to arrange a third attempt. There is also a $100 charge for students and $149 for non-students for this attempt.
  • Prior to your third attempt at an exam you may want to purchase a study guide. With the purchase of a study guide we will waive the six month waiting period.
Who contacts whom after the failures?
  • If you do not pass the test, we do not need to contact you because you will know immediately after submitting your exam if you score below 80%. You can always check your exam scores by clicking on the exam inside the course for your exam results.
What if I cannot take an online exam? Are there paper exams available?

If you do not have access to the internet to take an online exam, please contact us and we will help you with testing arrangements. Send us an email at certification@b2ttraining.com or call us at 678.366.1363.

What happens if I do not have access to my exam?

If you are having any problems with the exam, please send an email to Certification@b2ttraining.com

Final Exam

Why should I consider applying for the final exam and the BA Certified designation?
      • B2T Training and the BA Certified designation are highly regarded in the business analysis industry.
      • Business Analysts who are BA Certified are able to confidently provide their employers or perspective employers with evidence that they possess not only business analysis knowledge, but the ability to apply that knowledge in a day-to-day real-world business analysis environment.
      • Your employer or future employer may verify that you have met B2T Training’s criteria for business analysis certification on our online certification directory.
How may I request the BA Certified final exam?
      • Once you have earned your BA Associate certificate by passing each of the 4 proficiency exams and having taken at least 2 of the Advanced courses, you may apply to take the final exam for the BA Certified designation. To request the final exam application, please email certification@b2ttraining.com. Mail: B2T Training, 296 South Main Street, Suite 300, Alpharetta, GA 30009-1973.
      • After we receive your request, we will e-mail you the Application for Final Exam and B2T Training Certification. You may fax, email or mail your completed application back to our office.
        Fax: 678.366.1983  Email certification@b2ttraining.com
      • You will be sent the link to the final exam via e-mail after you notify our office that you are ready to take the exam. You will be given two attempts to pass the exam within a one year period.
      • You may want to review the certification process steps to read all the requirements for certification.
What can I expect to see on the application?
      • You will be asked to provide some personal contact information.
      • You will be asked to tell us how many years of business analysis experience you have.
      • You will be asked if we may display your name, certification date, city, and state on our website in our B2T Training certification directory.
      • You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that you will work on the exam independently and you will not discuss, share or distribute any of the BA Certified final exam content or solutions.
Once I apply for the final exam, how long will it take to receive it?
      • After we receive the signed application your link will be set up within 2 business days.
If I am not a B2T Training student but I have substantial Business Analyst experience how should I study for the final exam?
      • Non-Students cannot be BA Certified. At a minimum you have to take two of our Advanced courses.
      • Individuals are required to first become BA Associate by taking our four core courses and passing the corresponding exams. Once a BA Associate they can take the final exam if they have taken two Advanced courses.
      • Students may test out of the four core courses by purchasing and passing each online exam.
      • Consider purchasing and reviewing our study guides to help prepare for the exams. Each guide has at least one case study, practice multiple choice exam questions and provides answer explanations.
      • For any topics where you need additional review, visit our Library for ideas on helpful books to purchase and read.
Is the exam open book? May I collaborate?
      • You are honor-bound to work independently to complete the final exam.
      • You have signed a confidentiality agreement not to share, discuss or distribute any exam content or solutions. You may not request help from any B2T Training personnel during the exam. Failure to comply with rules may result in your certification being withheld or revoked and a penalty fee may be incurred.
      • You may refer to your notes or your other reference materials to complete the exam.
What is included in the final exam?
      • The final exam is a 150 multiple-choice question exam covering everything we teach in our core and advanced courses, as well as all areas of BABOK® v.3.0. It is similar in format to the CBAP exam. The exam is a timed exam which allows you 3.5 hours to complete from the time you begin.
How do I complete the exam? How long will it take?
      • You will receive an email with the link to your final exam.
      • You will have 3.5 hours to complete the exam after you login. Even if you log out and log back in, the timer keeps ticking from the time you answered your first question. The exam clock does not pause even when you log out. We recommend you set aside 3.5 hours of uninterrupted time to complete the online exam.
How much time may I take to complete the final exam?
      • You have two free attempts to pass the final exam within a one year period.
What is the grading process for the final exam?
      • Your online exam will be graded immediately after you finish and submit. You will be able to view your results immediately. If you do not receive a passing score, you have one additional attempt at the exam.
What if I fail the final exam?
      • If you do not pass, you will have 1 additional attempt to pass the exam. If you do not pass on the second attempt, you must wait 6 months and pay a re-application fee.
      • The charge for retaking the final exam is $100. Contact us at certification@b2ttraining.com to purchase an additional attempt.
When I pass the final exam will I automatically be certified?
      • Yes, if you have met all the certification criteria, you will receive an email that states you have passed the final and you are now BA Certified by B2T Training.
      • Certification e-mails go out once a week.
      • When you are BA Certified you will receive a certificate award via email within 30 days of your certification.

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