Elicitation for Virtual Stakeholders



This workshop is intended for participants who want more in-depth practice on how to plan and execute elicitation techniques when business stakeholders are not available in-person. Eliciting, communicating and getting approval of requirements without the luxury of any face-to-face meetings present some unique challenges for the business analyst. The groups will brainstorm, discuss and determine the best elicitation techniques and strategies to apply on their current and future projects.

The workshop participants will decide which technique or strategy will minimize risk, engage different types of remote stakeholders, and how to prepare for and plan each elicitation session depending on the different project circumstances.

Participants should bring their current projects.


  • Review elicitation techniques to assist participants in moving forward with their projects
  • Learn how to make elicitation technique choices based on project characteristics such as business value, timelines, complexity and number of stakeholders
  • Draft elicitation plans for their own projects


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