Effectively Managing Scope Creep and Requirements Changes

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This session will discuss how to manage scope creep and requirements changes effectively, and provide your team with the information they most critically need.

In a series of brainstorming exercises designed to identify the key characteristics differentiating “fabulous projects” from a “terrible projects,” thedegree of clarity around the project’s scope was by far the most important characteristic driving the project’s success or failure.  Specifically, our brainstormers reported that NOT having a clearly defined and managed scope caused them to experience or perceive the project as “frustrating,” “painful,” or “chaotic.” In contrast, those who were fortunate to be part of “amazing,” “incredible,” or “fantastic” projects unanimously agreed that their teams were effective because of their alignment and clarity around the project’s scope and requirements change.

During the brainstormers’ debriefing, they agreed that it wasn’t the scope creep itself that caused the greatest impact to the project’s outcome, but rather it was the management of that creep and the changing requirements (or the lack thereof) that either propelled or doomed the project to its “fabulous” or “terrible” end result.

Point your project toward “fabulous” and achieve your desired end-result! Learn to help your stakeholders avoid or minimize the “spin” and conflict that comes from confusion or disagreement on requirements, including goals, priorities or approaches to the solution. Instead, manage change and ensure your stakeholders have the clarity they need to be as collaborative, productive – and as “fabulous” – as possible.


  • Tips to gain a shared understanding of scope at all levels (portfolio, program, project, solution)
  • How to recognize changes (as opposed to design option approaches or decisions)
  • How to discuss changes in scope and highlight the impacts


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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