There are many tools in my BA Toolbox, but there are a few I use more than the rest.  Think of the handyman that just did some work at your house or office. They come with a truck full of tools, but it seems like their hammer is always by their side. That is how I feel about the Requirements Work Plan (RWP) and the Business Analysis Planning Framework that we teach in our class.

Whether I am engaged in a 12 month project or a 2 week project I create a RWP. The 12 month project requires a detailed RWP that is reviewed by other team members and key stakeholders. The two week project RWP is usually documented on a cocktail napkin.

It is not just me that finds requirements planning important. The IIBA has a knowledge area in the BA Body of Knowledge dedicated to requirements planning and management. This is one of six knowledge areas, which indicates the industry feels requirements planning is important.

Some of the items to include in your RWP are as follows:

  • Project Type
  • Project Scope
  • Project stakeholders and their role on the project
  • Requirements activities/tasks/deliverables and time and duration estimates for each
  • Identify milestones in the above activities for development and delivery of requirements
  • Requirements assumptions and risks

All of this information should fit into the project plan and schedule and will be updated as the project moves long.  Once the project is complete store the actual data to help plan for the next project.

One question we all get is “How long will it take to complete requirements?”  If you use this tool, you will begin to answer the question with confidence.

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