Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the PMI Congress.  We asked attendees to participate in a crowd sourcing activity. One of the questions that we asked people to share their perspectives on was ‘What is a PM’s Role on an Agile Project?” Just like many BAs the PMs are trying to figure this out. The overwhelmingly popular answer was Communication. Since I had just posted a blog to BA Times titled It’s Time to View Your Role as a Communication Expert, I took a special interest in the participants that saw communication as the most important role. While this question was presented to a PM audience, the conversations I had  with these participants only convinced me more not matter what methodology you use, the BA needs to view themselves and embrace their role as a Communication Expert. To read more about my view of the BA’s role as a Communication Expert and the great conversation happening, see my full blog on BA Times.

– Kupe

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