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We could just tell you that we are experts and the best business analysis training provider. We could say that we will make a significant impact on your team’s success, and that by selecting us as your training vendor, you have made the best choice. However, we may be a little biased… So instead, we’ll let our clients tell you what they think about us!

Please note, many of our clients are fortune 500 companies with strict privacy regulations. We aren’t trying to be vague or mis-leading by omitting their names. (Trust us, we’d love to share!)

Large Life Insurance Organization

B2T Solution

Essential Skills for Business Analysis

Testimonial Source

We received the email below from a student.

I thoroughly enjoyed the information that was provided to us through our instructor and B2T Training this week! Thank you so much for getting us access to her and her knowledge.

Here are some specifics about what I enjoyed:

  • A 3-ring binder training book with chapters defined by tabs, that allowed us to take notes in class, and have an easy way for quick reference for studying for the test, or for referencing when we are ready to apply what we have learned.
  • She didn’t read the book to us.

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  • She was very engaging with making a few statements then would pose a question that anyone could blurt out an answer. It could be as simple as “what’s one process that you do now that could be done better”, or just anything really. That helped her understand projects and topics that were applicable to us as a group or individuals, that she could also use later in describing details about a topic but utilizing a real life organization product, process, or project. Then it also helped us as students think about our particular work environment and how to apply what she’s talking about to make something better.
  • She would talk for a few pages, then we’d do a team exercise. Then she’d talk for a few pages, then another exercise. I think this was clearly strategic in keeping everyone awake and focused and not glassy-eyed, but it also helped to immediately apply what she just went over. She’s clearly a pro! J
  • She was fabulous in mentioning specific pages or terms we would want to mark to study for the test.
  • She was thoughtful in mentioning when we could learn more by taking a class they offer that relates to that specific topic we just covered.
  • We immediately received a couple of emails from B2T Training. One of which took us to the site which we could dig into and find tons of resources: checklists, templates, books!! I geeked out.
  • She commented several times that we could email her to send us a certain document or information that she just referred to, or we could email her anytime for any question, really.
  • She gave us “cliff notes”!!! It’s this cute little quick reference book called the “Business Analysis Playbook” with analysis techniques, requirements templates and planning tools!!!!! This is me…more geeking!!!!
  • Team exercises made sense and were very beneficial in not only practicing what she just preached, but having us realize the different types of personalities in “stakeholders” that we WILL have to deal with. It actually made me be more aware of my attitude, tone, delivery, and body language that I know I need to be conscious about, considering the leadership role that BA’s will need to play, and how that relates to confidence, participation, and trustworthiness that you will receive from your teams. I also love how unique the exercises were in, and of, themselves, but how they were different from the last type we did (for instance, they all weren’t for us to draw and label a diagram).
  • She utilized her time very well. She gave breaks often and gave finite deadlines on getting done with our task.
  • It’s very standard for an instructor to do this, but it’s still worth noting that it was beneficial, how she would review every morning what we discussed the day before.
  • I appreciated when she would comment about a section or chart or something that she either utilizes for every project, or how she’ll use this one technique, or diagram, but maybe does this one thing different than what the book shows.
  • There are pieces in this book that ANYONE in the building who works on defects (programmers, users, and testers), outside vendors (programmers, users, and testers), and projects (programmers, users, and testers) should be “trained” on or taught.
  • She was really good with reiterating “what” versus “how” and why those are important. I love it too that she made the comment about how BAs should be asking why why why why why, like a 4 year old.
  • I am excited to step into my first agile project (later this month?) with the agent web rewrite in the beginning of a project to see what all I can utilize from this training within myself, as well as better ways of working with the team on the onset to make sure we are covering all our bases.

Thank you to ALL who were involved with getting this program available to us (the BA program period), as well as this group (B2T Training) and the instructor!

Large Medical Device Organization

B2T Solution

Essential Skills for Business Analysis

Testimonial Note

Conversation with our client contact.

Recently, my organization made the decision to make a major change in our operating systems. It was decided that we would assign long-term employees who knew the business area inside and out to serve as business analysts on the project. However, we quickly realized that these ‘business analysts’ were actually subject matter experts who needed training to get them up to speed.

After talking with Shane, I was able to confirm that Essential Skills for Business Analysis was exactly what our team needed. Additionally, our decision to go with B2T Training was further solidified by the option to train our group virtually in ½ day segments.

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This flexibility was awesome since it allowed our team members to get their work done in the mornings and concentrate on learning in the afternoons.

Everyone came back from class excited about how much they learned and eager to put their new skills to use. One technique that has especially been put into practice is the Decomposition Diagram. Prior to class, our BA/SMEs could tell you everything about a product, but they weren’t able to put it on paper. Using this technique has been a critical tool to overcome this hurdle to get buy-in and funding for their projects.

The training was so successful for our group that my superiors have asked for more – I even got approval to expand our BA group and hire more team members. Also, we are working further to develop our business analysts’ skills by going through more in-depth training as we work towards B2T’s BA Certified certification, as well as other industry certifications. Our goal is to create a core BA group that can be called upon from all aspects of the business to join the project team. With this training, we are definitely on our way.

Public Student

B2T Solution

Essential Skills for Business Analysis

Testimonial Source

Post-class survey and follow-up phone call.

I am a Solutions Architect and this course was perfect for what I needed.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to put practical experience to the material. She was also able to break down the course into easy digestible pieces. I enjoyed the many group break out sessions. Most classes are a lot of theory and not a lot of practical application, interacting with other students and working as a team really put things together for me. It was extremely helpful in solidifying the course material.

Even thought I am not a BA, I learned techniques that I can use on a regular basis. The information on elicitation and all the different techniques to get information out of people really stuck with me…brain storming and how to do an appropriate brain storming session, the concept of ‘reload’ and building the context diagram, are just a few of the lessons that I am going to start implementing.

I would definitely recommend this course to others! It was a great class.

Large Insurance Organization

B2T Solution

Essential Skills for Business Analysis and Overview of Business Analysis

Testimonial Note

The information below was provided to us in a presentation used to validate their program to upper management.

Background/Goals for Training

As part of IT’s organizational effectiveness efforts, the Quality Management Office identified training opportunities for 146 IT team members to achieve the following goals:

  • Accelerate an individual’s ability to confidently perform their current role and grow into future roles,
  • Support effective and consistent execution across IT, and
  • Foster continuous improvement.

After evaluating several business analysis training options, the team selected the Essential Skills for Business Analysis class presented by B2T Training.

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In order for the business analysis discipline to be successful, both the IT and business community agreed they must embrace the business analysis process. To ensure the success of the business analysis discipline, the QMO partnered with B2T to present the Overview of Business Analysis workshop.

This workshop provided an overview of business analysis for managers, supervisors, project managers, and others who work with business analysis professionals.

During the workshop, participants shared the action item(s) that they selected during training to implement on their team. Managers, PMs, SMEs shared how they can help support this effort.

Expectations Met

This training accomplished the following expectations:

  • Provide a solid business analysis foundation based on industry standards,
  • Help us implement a consistent, internal language for the BAs,
  • Improve the quality of the BA discipline and
  • Provide organization with a standard business analysis approach which will drive better business outcomes.

According to class survey results, 99.3% of participants would recommend the Essential Skills of Business Analysis class to their peers!

Follow Through

All training participants left the class with at least one action item.

  • Some participants left with a list of action items to implement on their teams.
  • Over 146 action items were identified to implement the business analysis industry standards learned in class.
  • All managers identified ways to support the implementation of these action items.
  • Over 146 support items were identified.

These action items and support tasks were documented and shared with B2T to use during 30-day and 60-day coaching sessions as part of their “Making Learning Stick” program.

During these coaching sessions, B2T coaches and the organization’s Senior Business Analysts provided expertise, insight, and guidance to help participants implement these business analysis industry standards on their teams.

The coaching sessions worked as a support group to provide guidance and direction to those new to business analysis as well as best practices for those working on complex projects.

During one coaching session a participant commented that “you can tell who went to training and who did not. Those who went to training are working differently and are motivated to improve how we are doing business analysis work.”

Success Metrics

Over 2 months after training the organizations, approximately 74% of class participants* implemented one or more action items or used business analysis techniques learned in class on their project team or work group.

*Note: Only 38% of class participants were dedicated business analysts. The techniques learned in class are applicable to any analysis role.

Since the conclusion of this initial phase of training, our client has continued to enroll additional employees in Essential Skills for Business Analysis and Overview of Business Analysis. Additionally, they have expanded their program to include the core courses in our BA Associate certification track.

As our client has becomes more agile focused, agile course offerings have also started being delivered and further support for establishing quality metrics has been provided to their agile teams through coaching and mentoring.

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