I am getting the information together to put in my CBAP application.  In my usual form, I’ve collected all of the information I can possible find, listened to webinars on how to put the application in, and compared at least 3 versions of the work hours spreadsheet so I can compare and contrast them to see what the pro’s and con’s of each are (did I mention that I have BA tendencies and am a bit anal about reviewing alternatives?) Oh, and I read the CBAP handbook – twice – and the Code of Conduct.

Next I went looking for the CBAP Application Reference Form, which turned out to be very hard to find (hint: Look on Slideshare for Timothy212 CBAP Application Reference Form).  I wanted to walk my references through the form to make them comfortable submitting it and provide them with any of the definitions that are not covered in the form. It turns out that the Underlying Competencies are not defined, I was glad I did that!

And all of this just to get the Application Form ready – I have not put the hours into the ‘best’ Project Hours spreadsheet yet!  Sigh, this application will be a large effort for someone who likes to look at things from all angles before choosing a best path forward.  Time to stop rambling, and get back to the business at hand, CBAP Application form – here I come!

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