Keys to Successful Agile Maturity

As an analyst, it’s always good to enhance your agile maturity by looking back and assessing what you’ve learned in your experience: the good and the bad. Recently, I was fortunate enough to take such a trip down memory lane, courtesy of my annual email...

BA Skills: Wibbly Wobbly…Timey Wimey…Stuff

I’m a second-generation Dr. Who fan. For those of you who aren’t “Whovians”, Dr. Who is a Time Lord who crosses through space and time in his TARDIS – a time machine cleverly disguised as a bright blue phone box. In a classic scene, Dr. Who is attempting to describe...

Tips for Running Effective Distributed Team Meetings

This post is a part of our Vendor Spotlight blog series. As a business analysis training company, we focus on the skills needed to be successful without the use of one specific tool. However, there are many tools available to BAs that can greatly impact their...

What Happened to Teamwork?

We live in an interesting time.  Kids are growing up, not with a silver spoon, but rather a titanium iPhone. The older generation, mine, question what impact this will have on the younger generation’s ability to communicate using their mouth and ears and not their...

An Entrepreneurial Mindset to Teamwork

Being an entrepreneur has been one of the most frustrating, challenging and rewarding jobs I have ever had.  While I am a project manager/business analyst from my corporate life, I now play many roles in my small business life.  I think my favorite part of being a...

Expanding the Business Analysis Mindset

  In speaking with people on a daily basis in the business analysis arena, I find a common set of questions that continue to come up in my conversations regarding organizational structure and the roles that make it successful. These questions include: Should our team...

What Does Success Look Like?

Jon is part of a team working to revise the website for an investment company. The team is using an agile approach to rebuild the website and Jon is utilizing 7 years experience as a business analyst with the company to fill the role of Product Owner for the team....
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