Using Business Intelligence Requirements to Meet Stakeholder Reporting Needs

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“My users are asking for a report, but how do I make sure I truly understand their needs and properly convey that to the rest of the delivery team?” This is a common question raised by business analysts working on data warehouse and business intelligence projects. This session shows how to work with your stakeholders to develop useful requirements for data warehouse and business intelligence projects.

This session also demonstrates how to understand a user’s business intelligence needs by starting with the questions they want to answer and build clear, concise, and meaningful requirements that the delivery team can use to establish the data structures, data loads and views into the data that satisfy inquiring minds. Along the way, we’ll demonstrate techniques for helping stakeholders clarify their information needs and how to handle the common stakeholder request to see all the data because “we may want to organize our data by that information…. Some day.”


  • Identify stakeholder reporting needs from the perspective of the questions they are trying to answer or decisions they are trying to make.
  • Prioritize reporting needs based on value and feasibility
  • Progressively elaborate reporting requirements
  • Communicate reporting requirements using examples


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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