In May 2007 I attended the Project Summit/BusinessAnalystWorld conference in Washington, DC.  I sat in on a presentation called “Can the BA Save the World?”, presented by a fellow CBAP, Marcos Ferrer.  Marcos is a facilitator, planner & system implementer with over 30 years experience in computing and over 22 years experience in business analysis.

When I saw the title of the presentation I did not know what to expect, but I had to attend.  Marcos covered a lot in this presentation, but he made a point that really stuck with me.  He sees the Business Analyst profession making its way into our national, state, and local governments.  He discussed that when bills are brought to congress, or the President makes decisions there is no BA present.  I have to agree with him.  Is analysis done before decisions are made?  I am going to be optimistic and say yes, but is the analysis that we do as excellent BAs done consistently?  I don’t think so.

As excellent Business Analysts we work hard to understand the true business need and work with solution teams to present and recommend unbiased solution options.  Is this what happens on Capitol Hill or in the White House?  Marcos stressed that there is no unbiased third party like a Business Analyst there to help.

This is one way Marcos felt that we as BAs can save the world.  “Save the world” may be an extreme, but I believe we can definitely help companies in public and private industry and our government make better decisions.

I would love to hear you comments.

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