Business Analyst Resources

Free Downloads, References and Recommendations

As a business analysis training company, our goal is to not only provide the best training in the industry but to also help our students and other business analysts beyond the classroom. These business analysis resources will help provide perspective, recommendations and supporting documentation for success in the analysis arena.


Structured assistance for a wide range of agile and business analysis tasks.


A visual representation to use as a quick reference for agile and business analysis topics.


Take some of the complexity out of business analysis with our checklists for many business analyst activities.


A comprehensive, go-to reference of terms that anyone performing analysis should know.

Analysis Skills

Master these 7 core and 4 supporting areas of expertise and enable change.

Analysis Techniques List

A listing of the most widely used requirements analysis techniques.

Quick Tips

Quick answers and best practices to achieve a common goal from our experts.


Recommended books for reference and improving your analysis skills.

Tool Listing

Organize, share and define your requirements with modeling and analytical tools.

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