Change Organizational Perception

Move from Note Taker to Advisor

Even today (after all these years of formalizing the role), people performing business analysis are still acting as note takers and as a result, many are perceived as adding little value to an organization. In this situation, it is important for the business analysis team to understand that there are tools available to them that can change this perception from note taker to advisor.

Groups that are perceived as note takers need help in learning the large tool set available to them. They need help understanding that their role is one which helps others make decisions and provides advice on what a solution looks like. Let’s take car-buying as an example: you are helping someone decide which type of car to buy. As a note taker, you would simply ask what the person wants and search your database. As an advisor, you would ask and analyze more detailed questions (How important are style, comfort and speed? Are gas mileage, reliability and price priorities?) and then make a more fitting recommendation.

Understanding the why, when and how much of each technique is extremely valuable to these teams and their ability to change the business analyst perception.

So how do you want to be perceived?

Business Analyst Perception as Note Taker OR Business Analyst Perception as Trusted Advisor

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