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There’s a lot going on in our community and company, and staying on top of the business analyst news can be hard. We set up this page to curate the stuff we think you might find most interesting and announce the latest from B2T. Let us know if there is an event or related content that you want posted.

Get Out of the Elicitation Rut

I always think of BAs as people who are organized, methodical, and planned so I am always surprised that many of my students don’t have an elicitation on!


Baby-Stepping Your Way into Agile Using Kanban Principles

Having trouble getting started or feeling overwhelmed by agile and/or Scrum? Before you throw your hands in the air, I have a suggestion…slow down, start with some baby steps using Kanban principles.


4-Task Solution for Estimating and Defending Your Analysis Plan

Get Ali’s take and tips on estimating your analysis plan in order to justify the time it really takes to get good requirements.


Halloween Treat

Save $250 on Essential Skills for Business Analysis December 11-14 class in Atlanta. Just enter promo code Treat250 when registering!


What’s Up With Data Analysis?

4-step process for data analysis to help the business solve its problems by making sure their processes and rules are correctly implemented in a solution.


A Simple Plan to Maximize Your Employee Training Program Investment

Treat your employee training program like a project to ensure problems are solved with solutions that yeild maximum business value.


Business Value Framework and a Big, Strong Guy Blog Post

In this post, Kathy introduces the Business Value Framework. It takes the intuitive process of pursuing valuable business outcomes and makes it explicit.


Business Analysis Skills Listing Resource

We believe that business analysis skills can be consolidated into 7 core and 4 supporting areas of expertise. Master these skills and enable change.


New Vendor Management & RFP Process Course

This course takes you through steps to avoid the issues and risks around the RFP Process and how to navigate successful vendor management.



Kupe Kupersmith, President of B2T Training, has resigned to pursue his passion for public speaking. He will remain in a Senior Instructor role.


New BA Glossary

200+ terms anyone performing business analysis should know!


Examining the Product Owner Role

Our instructor Kent shares his latest insights…up this week: the product owner role.


SOBARC Call for Speakers

Join Kupe at SOBARC2017 on May 5th and submit to speak! Submission deadline is January 18th.


New IIBA Leadership

“Effective December 5th, the Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of IIBA is Ken Fulmer, previous Chairman of the Board”


B2T Training Announces Acquisition by Netmind

We’re excited to share some BIG NEWS for our company…B2T Training is now a part of the Netmind family! Check out our official press release..


NEW Estimating Analysis Time Template

Use our estimating analysis time template to track your tasks, the stakeholders involved and their responsibilities, the time needed and any dependencies.


ECBA Certification Prep

Get certified with a combination of tips, online flashcards, quizzes, and final exam simulations to prepare you to pass the exam.


Business vs Functional Requirements? Who Cares?

Don’t get caught in the business requirements vs functional requirements confusion. Catch up with Ali as she details how and why to identify your true business requirements.


New BA Training Investment Checklist

Checklists for before, during and after training to help analyze your BA training needs and plan appropriately to get the most from your training program.


9 Things to Avoid When Being Agile Blog Post

Being agile is all about taking risks and adjusting, BUT there are some things to definitely avoid if you don’t want to slip and fall down.


New Director, Business Development

We’re excited to welcome Tasha to our team as our new Director, Business Development!


The BA Professional & the Evolving Organization

The IIBA’s latest blog post answers the question: “Are business analysis skills effectively used in the organizational evolution?”


How to Learn Product Ownership

Get our instructor, Kent’s, resource list to learn about product ownership.


Keys to Successful Agile Maturity

As an analyst, it’s always good to enhance your agile maturity by looking back and assessing what you’ve learned in your experience, the good and the bad.


New BA Career Checklist

Download our new checklist to help track your progress on becoming a better business analysis professional!


Kupe's Best Advice

What is the best advice Kupe and 9 other industry thought leaders ever received?


Mastering Business Analysis Podcast

As a guest on Dave’s podcast, Kupe shares his biggest mistake and what he learned from it so you don’t make the same.


Kanban vs Scrum

Key concepts of each approach and a quick reference to the agile value that relates to each element.


Complimentary Lean Agile Analysis Webinar

Register to join Jacqueline Friday, February 9th as she presents our new webinar, 12 Mean and Lean Analysis Approaches for Agile Teams!


What’s Happening to the Business Analyst Role?

With organizational implementation of an agile approach and confusion on where business analysis fits in, is the BA on the verge of extinction?


NEW Business Process Definition Interview Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that you don’t overlook critical information during your business process definition interviews.


IIBA's 2017 Salary Survey Report Released

Find out: Is pay for men and women equal? Does being certified mean higher salary? What are the top 5 job titles? Which are the top 5 industries? What are the top 5 Business Analysis practice areas?


New Agile BA Checklist

Download our new checklist to be sure that at least one person on your team has the skills necessary to perform these important project activities.


How to Maintain Shared Understanding

Tips on building AND maintaining a shared understanding on your team from your instructor, Kent McDonald.


Requirements Analysis Techniques Listing

With over 50 specific requirements analysis techniques, there are many that are used more than others. We’ve shared details on some of our favorites.


Save 20% with Promo Code: B2TFL1720

We’re headed to the BBC Conference in Orlando, November 6-10. We’d love if you would join us!


Context is King

Our instructor, Heather Mylan-Mains, shares 4 steps for considering project context.


IIBA 2017 Predictions

Check out these 4 trends that the IIBA predicts will impact 2017.


Most Promising Jobs of 2017

LinkedIn pulled their data together to compile a list of the 20 most promising jobs and we are #14! There are several other analysis related positions on the list as well…be sure to check it out.


Learning Agile Values and Principles

Check out Kent’s blog post on agile training and the importance of not focusing too much on the manifesto!


New Resource: BA Q&A

Our students ask good questions! Get the answers from our experts on some of our most frequently asked analysis questions.


Happy Holidays, BA Style

‘Twas the first day of our project, when all through the office…


Process Excellence & Business Analysis

What exactly is process excellence, how does it relate to business analysis and how can a business analyst capitalize on these trending initiatives?


6 Most Expensive Words in Business Process Improvement

Get real value from your business process improvement efforts by asking the questions that go beyond the why of, “because that’s how we’ve always done it.”


The 3 C’s of User Stories are Missing a C

While the 3 C’s of User Stories provide great value, there is still something missing…I would like to introduce what I consider, the missing C.


Just Enough Doesn’t Mean None! The Agile Business Analyst Role Blog Post

Our instructor Ali has recently noticed a trend in organizations converting to agile – that documentation isn’t need and along with that BAs aren’t needed. Wait, what!?!?!?


Updated Agile Transformation and Maturity Roadmap

Complete your agile transformation using our roadmap to develop a lean cross-functional team that uses analysis to build the right, value driven solution.


New Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Course

Reduce the complexity of adopting Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) on agile teams by managing dependencies and risk through coordination and communication.


Health Care Reform and a Successful Project Implementation Plan

New blog post: Avoid expensive project implementation plan errors with these lessons learned from the front lines of US health care reform.


BBC Call for Speakers

Presentation proposals are now being accepted for BBC 2017 – deadline is March 10, 2017.


Feb 7 #AskAnAnalyst Podcast Episode

Join us for the next episode of our #AskAnAnalyst podcast as Kupe and Jacqueline will be discussing the BA’s contributions to team and project excellence!

Airing: February 7 @ 12:20 EST


Kupe Presents IIBA Webinar

Register now for Kupe’s special IIBA session of “Business Value is a Conversation, Not a Number” on February 8th at 1:00 EST.


BAWorld Orlando Early Bird Pricing

Register by February 24, 2017 for BAWorld Inagural Orlando conference and save 10% off your registration.


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