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Certification FAQs

Online Proficiency Exams FAQs
1) How should I best prepare for the exam?
2) Are there sample exams or questions to review prior to taking the exam so I have a better idea of what to expect?
3) How long do I have to take the exam? Does the 8 hour period begin as soon as I login to the online website?
4) Are the online exams open book? May I work with other people to answer the questions? May I ask help from a B2T Training instructor about any tricky exam questions?
5) What if my computer goes down, or contact is lost to the site mid-exam? What happens?
6) What if you think you have enough time, but then are called away in an emergency and the 8 hour timer expires - does that still count as a first exam?
7) What if I do not print the Gap Analysis report that displays after I submit my exam and shows the areas where I missed questions? Can I recreate that report?
8) If I do not pass an exam the first time, can I take a second exam right away? Are there any time constraints around taking the second exam? Are there any special procedures/changes for sign-in the second time around?
9) Who contacts whom after the failures?
10) What if I cannot take an online exam? Are there paper exams available?
11) What happens if I do not have access to my exam? Can I send an email to my Instructor from within the online exam? Does it go to my instructor that I had in class?

The Application

1) Why should I consider applying for the final exam and the BA Certified designation?
2) How may I request the BA Certified final exam?
3) What can I expect to see on the application?

The Exam

1) Once I apply for the final exam, how long will it take to receive it?
2) If I am not a B2T Training student but I have substantial Business Analyst experience how should I study for the final exam?
3) Is the exam open book? May I collaborate?
4) What is included in the final exam?
5) How do I complete the exam? How long will it take?
6) How much time may I take to complete the final exam?
7) What is the grading process for the final exam?
8) What if I fail the final exam?
9) When I pass the final exam will I automatically be certified?