BA Health Check

Uncover Critical Improvement Areas

Are you in the middle of an agile transformationOR does your team need to improve their analysis but you’re not sure the best options to address your teams’ specific pain points? OR have you laid the foundation and want to validate your current BA Practice?

To meet either of these objectives, we recommend our BA (Business Analysis) Health Check. Our BA Health Check is designed to help teams receive feedback on their current BA Practice, good or bad. Furthermore, the BA Health Check will provide critical improvement areas and, if needed, determine the right course of action. Individuals and/or teams will get specific advice so they can begin to improve their work immediately. At the same time, our expert is listening and looking for themes of areas for improvement or validation. At the end of this service, the teams will receive help moving their projects forward and management will receive comprehensive guidance to address all critical areas identified.

Here’s how our business analyst assessment works:

  • Information is provided to B2T from a subset of your BA team.
  • An expert is assigned to your team to review the information provided and identify common themes.
  • Sessions will be conducted to provide learning so individuals and/or teams can improve immediately.
  • Management will receive comprehensive guidance to address all critical areas identified.

BA Health Check Bonus: All services can be done remotely to eliminate the need for travel and allow for flexibility in scheduling!

Business analysis assessment

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Start diagnosing your critical improvement areas:

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