Business Analysis Workshops

Hands-On Consulting Sessions

Our business analyst workshops are intense consulting sessions focused on a specific issue to enhance business analysis skills or techniques. They are designed to provide participants an opportunity to work more in-depth with a business analysis expert on their company’s project(s). Use these business analysis workshops to move your projects forward and reinforce concepts and techniques.  Workshops can be held for an entire team or multiple teams with a similar focus.

Workshops are structured as either half day or full day working sessions. Participants should bring their project to the workshop. They will work in groups to apply and practice the specific technique and receive coaching by the facilitator. Results and challenges will be discussed as a group to allow all participants the broadest learning opportunities.

Business Analysis Workshop Topics

Select the Right Business Analysis Technique

4 Hours
Identify questions that need to be answered and stop to think about the tools and techniques needed for project requirements. Full abstract.

Using Visualization to Write Better Requirements

4 Hours – 1 Day
Write better requirements by utilizing visual techniques to elicit and analyze, then transform those models into a textual requirement format. Full abstract.

Non-Functional Requirements: We All Know What Happens When You Assume

4 Hours
Non-functional requirements are often overlooked or assumed and as an analyst, it is important to not fall into this trap. Full abstract.

Breaking Down Requirements Into Core Components

4 Hours
Analyze requirements content, identify and expose their details, and gain a better understanding of the parts that make up the whole. Full abstract.

Defining Project Objectives

4 Hours
Review the components of specific and measureable objectives and supporting questions to identify actionable objectives. Full abstract.

Scoping the Project

1 Day
In-depth practice on defining project scope from the business analysis perspective and review of the components needed to begin the project. Full abstract.

Moving Your Agile Project Forward

1 Day
Identify your team’s greatest area of need in order to move the project forward and deliver value. Full abstract.

Backlog Management Health Check

1 Day
This workshop is intended for a delivery team that is well underway, and running into difficulty with backlog management. Full abstract.

Writing Excellent Requirements

1 Day
Sharpen communication skills for writing and structuring textual requirements clearly. Full abstract.

Elicitation for Virtual Stakeholders

1 Day
Brainstorm, discuss and determine the best elicitation techniques and strategies to apply on their current and future projects with remote stakeholders. Full abstract.

Analyzing Your Business Processes

1 Day
This workshop focuses on the first step, practicing an approach to analyzing and documenting the AS IS model. Full abstract.

Finding Essential Processes to Understand Project Complexity

1 Hour
Quickly make an inventory of their requirements on their projects by finding essential processes. Full abstract.

The PM / BA Partnership

4 Hours
As a group, PMs and BAs share and discuss their roles and responsibilities and how they will best collaborate to bring success to their projects. Full abstract.

Identifying Process Improvements

1 Day
Identify where the bottlenecks are, any dissatisfaction with broken processes, the inefficiencies, hand-offs, and the value-add activities to develop an improved process. Full abstract.

Finding and Analyzing Data

1 Day
Identify what data is needed, what should it look like, and where it comes from on your projects. Full abstract.

Writing Effective Use Cases

1 Day
Leverage a use case diagram to show solution scope or groupings of important system functionalities and write more clear, concise user cases. Full abstract.

Understanding Reporting Requirements

1 Day
Designing a report is more than just stating a requirement, “Users must be able to report on the data.” Full abstract.

Estimating Business Analysis Work Workshop

1 Day
Create more accurate estimates for their business analysis work on your project. Full abstract.

Project Recovery, Get Back on Track

1 Day
This workshop is designed for an entire project team to identify roadblocks or barriers to moving forward on their project. Full abstract.

Project Requirements Discovery

2 Days
Get your delivery team started with a new effort or identify the need to establish a product backlog based on an agreed upon vision and goal(s). Full abstract.

Looking for something else?

Is there a topic you need help with that you didn’t see listed above? We also offer custom workshops from 4 hours to 2 days, depending on your specific need.

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