Business Analysis Transformation through Mentoring Partnerships

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“Many companies have a desire to establish and sustain a strong business analysis (BA) discipline as a core competency within their organization in order to address the fast-paced market changes and solve increasingly complex problems. To meet the business demands of the future, many companies have hired, reorganized and positioned people with diverse backgrounds into a business analysis role.

A common first step is to provide foundational training to level-set the group and begin establishing a model for maturity. However, most organizations struggle with how to truly utilize and develop business analysis professionals post training to keep them connected, engaged and productive in their role. How does one keep the momentum going? A way to move your business analysis discipline forward and potentially transform the larger organization is through mutually advantageous mentoring relationships.”

Read more to find out establishing business analysis mentoring partnerships can better support a rapidly changing and diverse organization. 

business analysis mentoring partnership white paper

Business Analysis Mentoring Partnership White Paper

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