Improving Business Analysis Utilization

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“An individual that has mastered the complex skills of business analysis and has the ability to effectively adapt to various projects or situations is rare. This type of expertise is critical to the success of projects today. In most organizations, less than 15% of their business analysis pool qualifies to be considered among this elite group. Therefore, how can organizations achieve the goals they need to accomplish?

“Eight in ten CEOs expect their environment to grow significantly more complex, and fewer than half believe they know how to deal with it successfully,” says a recent IBM study of complexity in business. High performing business analysis professionals are one component to meeting this challenge. Organizations need to identify their most talented individuals and the junior BAs with potential and change how they mature and utilize them. Only then can they realize significant efficiencies, customer satisfaction increases, and increased job satisfaction for these invaluable resources.”

Read more to find out how to recognize your top performers and utilize their time and talents effectively.

business analysis utilization white paper

Business Analysis Utilization White Paper

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