Business Architecture – The Tool for Strategic Decision Making

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“Some of you may be asking why an expert in business analysis is writing a white paper about business architecture; don’t the architects to that? The answer is: sometimes.

In many organizations, architects still struggle with the business architecture piece. They are adept at the information and application architecture but they have been IT focused for so long, it’s hard to focus solely on the business. Particularly, creating a visual representation of what the business does fundamentally. This is a level of abstraction most architects are not accustomed to.

Business analyst are uniquely positioned to help create and evolve the business architecture because they are simply repurposing as skill set they already have.”

Read more to find out how to utilize business analysis to create a business architecture and to facilitate strategic decision making. 

utilize business analysis to create a business architecture white paper

Utilize Business Analysis to Create a Business Architecture White Paper

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