Business Analysis in a SOA World

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“Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). At first glance, this seems like the sort of thing that only software architects and application developers should be concerned with. Upon further investigation, it is clear that while the technology team is intimately involved in implementing a Service Oriented Architecture but, there are other essential (and sometimes overlooked) roles such as the Business Analyst.

Before you can implement SOA, you have to analyze your business and understand the core functions you perform. Getting a handle on your organization to support a SOA strategy is not for the faint of heart. There are huge chasms in understanding and perspective regarding what SOA is about and how best to go about service orienting the enterprise. This leads to communication challenges as each team can perceive and approach SOA differently. Developing a shared vocabulary and a common understanding of service orientation, and how it can be applied to align and transform the organization is essential.”

Read more to find out how a BA can bridge the communication gap that exists between business analysis and SOA.

business analysis and soa white paper

Business Analysis and SOA White Paper

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