6 Improvisation Lessons to Improve Teamwork

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“It is more apparent now than ever that high performing teams are more successful than those that are not. Most of your work life is being part of a team. When was the last time you sat in your office and worked alone to complete a project from start to finish? Most likely those times are rare and you work as part of a team most often. The traits of being an effective team member are often viewed as skills that people are born with. For some it may come easier than others, but everyone can learn and hone these skills. For me, these are skills I honed while training and performing as an improvisational comedian.

As a business professional in the software development community there are two sets of skills you need to be successful. First is what is commonly referred to as hard or technical skills and, second, is the category referred to as soft skills or traits. Improving your soft skills will help you work effectively as a team player.”

Read more for our 6 improvisation for teamwork lessons that will help make you a better team player, collaborator, and communicator.

improvisation for teamwork white paper

Improvisation for Teamwork White Paper

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