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Our business analysis white papers focus on a wide range of topics of interest to business analysts and other professionals in the business analysis field. Get clear, concise insight into such topics as How does a Business Analyst Add Value to an Agile Project?, Measuring the Value of Business Analysis, and more.

business analysis white papers

Business Analysis in a SOA World

“Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). At first glance, this seems like the sort of thing that only software architects and application developers should be concerned with. Upon further investigation, it is clear that while the technology team is intimately involved in implementing a SOA but, there are other essential (and sometimes overlooked) roles such as the Business Analyst.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Business Analysis Transformation through Mentoring Partnerships

“Many companies have a desire to establish and sustain a strong business analysis (BA) discipline as a core competency within their organization in order to address the fast-paced market changes and solve increasingly complex problems.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Business Architecture: The Tool for Strategic Decision Making

“As budgets tighten and organizations continue trying to achieve return on investment faster, cheaper and with better results, they are trying to create and evolve their overall enterprise architecture. There are several components of enterprise architecture.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Demystifying Business Use Cases

“We know the phrase Use Case from the object oriented/UML development approaches where Use Cases are goals of the software. So by putting the word ‘business’ in front of them it sounds like we are talking about goals of the business.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Improving Business Analysis Utilization

“An individual that has mastered the complex skills of business analysis and has the ability to effectively adapt to various projects or situations is rare. This type of expertise is critical to the success of projects today.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Journey to Business Analysis Maturity

“Many of you are familiar with these five levels of maturity from the Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI®) or its predecessor CMM®. CMMI is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements for improving their ability to successfully deliver projects that meet business needs.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Measuring the Value of Business Analysis

“Effective business analysis requires an investment and commitment by an organization to realize success. While it can be extremely difficult to develop one consistent return on investment (ROI) measurement, the value of business analysis work can be measured in various ways depending on the types of projects and the environment. Excellent business analysis work brings significant value to every organization.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Putting the User Back into User Acceptance Testing

“Why is it so challenging to get users involved in User Acceptance Testing (UAT)? Isn’t it called UAT because the users are the main participants? My experience has shown that involving users in all phases of the project, especially UAT, is the best way to ensure project success.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Senior Business Analysts are Strategic Decision Makers

“Much of business analysis work is about good decision making. Analysts consider a problem, find the root cause(s), develop alternative solutions and recommend the best solution for the situation. Improving decision making at all levels of an organization improves the short and long-term performance of the business.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Six Improvisation Lessons to Improve Teamwork

“It is more apparent now than ever that high performing teams are more successful than those that are not. Most of your work life is being part of a team. When was the last time you sat in your office and worked alone to complete a project from start to finish? Most likely those times are rare and you work as part of a team most often.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

What Does a BA Do on an Agile Project

“As the use of agile approaches increases, business analysts struggle to determine how their role maps to the new approach and how it has changed from their familiar development process. Even though the role of business analyst is rarely mentioned in descriptions of agile it does not mean that business analysis does not occur.” Read more…

business analysis white papers

Why does a Project Need a Project Manager and a Business Analyst?

“The best way to guarantee success of any type of project is to have a strong, experienced Project Manager and a strong, experienced Business Analyst. These two individuals, working together from the beginning of the project, set the stage for success by accurately planning and clearly defining the expected outcomes.” Read more…

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