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Looking to learn something new on a specific topic but don’t have the time or budget to attend a full training course? Our business analysis webinars and seminars are the perfect way to enhance your skill set and re-energize your analysis. Each session is delivered in 1 or 2 hours and highlights topics of critical importance to your organization.

We offer these private sessions for your team in the following presentation formats:

Business Analysis Webinars

Webinars: Virtual, live presentation

Business Analysis Seminars

Seminars: Onsite, live presentation

Business Analysis Webinars On-Demand

On-Demand Webinars: Recorded, online availability

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Business Analysis Webinar and Seminar Topics

Business Analysis: The Makings of a Great Product Owner

1 Hour |  
The Product Owner is arguably the cornerstone role on an agile team. In this session, we will dig into this central role and how incorporating business analysis as a key competency will make a great Product Owner. Full abstract.

Selling Leadership on More than the Idea of Agile

1 Hour |  
Get strategies and recommendations to sell leadership on the realities of an agile environment and how their buy-in and support is required to make it work! Full abstract.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: A 16-Month Agile Transformation Case Study

1 Hour |  
Get the good, the bad and the ugly through this real-world agile transformation case study. Leave with a consumable approach to your transformation. Full abstract.

Design Thinking: The Secret Ingredient to Innovation

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon

Principles of design thinking, the process, and tools and techniques you can use to help the organization solve problems effectively and creatively. Full abstract.

12 Mean and Lean Analysis Approaches for Agile Teams

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
Discover 12 tried and true approaches to help your agile team utilize lean analysis without sacrificing the quality of your product. Full abstract.

Applying the Business Value Management Life Cycle

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
The business value management conversation is the common denominator that determines if you are spending time and money on the right components of your solution. This session describes a set of techniques for stakeholders and team members to make sure the right conversations are happening at the right time, regardless of your methodology. Full abstract.

An Agile State of Mind

1 Hour |  
Specific techniques to adopt the agile mindset and what it means to be agile. Learn how your role may change with the mindset adjustment and how to help your team move from doing agile into an agile state of mind and actually being agile. Full abstract.

Getting Your Stakeholder Communication Plan Right

1 Hour |  
An in-depth approach to consider the appropriate techniques to use for each stakeholder and stakeholder group and the best communication plan for each. Full abstract.

Timeout! An Agile Team Building Exercise

1 Hour |  
Take a timeout. By working through this exercise, teams can overcome the challenges that are holding them back from achieving a healthy, sustainable and mature agile implementation. Full abstract.

Validating Your Requirements for Project Solution Success

1 Hour |  
This session will present a framework for approaching your project from a business analysis perspective. From scoping to ‘ready’ to develop, our framework provides structure to identify what it takes to deliver a successful project solution. Full abstract.

Ask the Right Questions

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
Asking questions is at the core of performing business analysis and the “correct” answer to this question is as varied as the projects analysts are involved with and the techniques they utilize. Full abstract.

Project Team Collaboration: Become One Big Happy Family

1 Hour |   Throughout the years how teams worked has changed.  There was a time when one person was responsible for all tasks, project management, business analysis, development and quality assurance and implementation. Full abstract.

Analysis in Agile: There's More to it than User Stories

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
A common question asked by teams adopting agile is: “What does business analysis look like in agile?” The common answer is: “Writing user stories.” WRONG! Okay, maybe not wrong, but certainly not the whole story (pardon the pun). Full abstract.

Do You Measure Your BA Performance Correctly?

1 Hour |  
Walk through an understanding of BA measurement and how you can ensure that you are not measuring the wrong attributes. Full abstract.

Key Elements of Requirements Facilitation

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
The art of bringing people together, face-to-face or remotely, to elicit requirements and gain consensus on solutions is a valuable technique needed by all business analysis professionals. Full abstract.

Decision Making: It IS What We Do

1 Hour |   One of the main responsibilities of business analysis is to help others make better decisions, and to make decisions yourself. Full abstract.

Get the Liars in the Same Room for Stakeholder Collaboration

1 Hour | 
Techniques to aid the collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders to reach a single direction for the delivery team that the stakeholders will support. Full abstract.

Gaining a Shared Understanding to Write Effective User Stories

1 Hour |  
Write effective user stories and help you build shared understanding of the right solution with your team. Along the way, learn some techniques to address common issues that stand in the way of getting everyone telling the same story. Full abstract.

Effectively Managing Scope Creep and Requirements Changes

1 Hour |  
Discuss how to manage scope creep and requirements changes effectively, and provide your team with the information they most critically need. Full abstract.

Functional Requirements: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

1 Hour |  
What about the requirements that aren’t on anyone’s radar? That’s right: stakeholder and transition requirements! Full abstract.

KPI Impact Analysis Framework for Solution Business Value

1 Hour |  
Our KPI Impact Analysis Framework™ provides a foundation of information that can be utilized throughout all phases of a project lifecycle. Full abstract.

Quality Assurance and Building Requirements: Thinking of the “What If” Scenarios

1 Hour |  
“What If” analysis can help you build quality requirements because it provides a means for identifying requirements that are related to scenarios that stakeholders neglect to mention or elaborate on. Full abstract.

Stop The Insanity: Establish a Business Analysis Approach

1 Hour |  
If you really want to do things better, faster, and cheaper, you just need to stop the insanity. Critically think about your projects and determine how to get started or how to move forward. Full abstract.

Improving Business Analysis Utilization

1 Hour |  
Only through effective business analysis utilization can organizations realize significant efficiencies, customer satisfaction increases, and increased job satisfaction for their most talented individuals. Full abstract.

Using Business Intelligence Requirements to Meet Stakeholder Reporting Needs

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
Work with your stakeholders to develop useful requirements for data warehouse and business intelligence projects. Full abstract.

Keeping the Business in Business Analysis

1 Hour |  
Focus on three elements that can help you become a better business analyst: maintaining a business focus, evaluating risk, and prioritizing work appropriately. Full abstract.

Mastering the Art of Feedback

1 Hour |  
If you master giving and receiving feedback, you will be a sought after team member and be viewed as a trusted partner with your business stakeholders. Full abstract.

Organized Thinking: Rethinking How We Think

1 Hour |  
Rethink how you think to take your current approach at work to the next level by enhancing your thinking process. Full abstract.

Building a Successful PM and BA Relationship

1 Hour |  
Discuss the differences, in skills and tasks, which separate the PM/BA roles and discuss specific strategies for building a strong partnership between the project manager and business analyst. Full abstract.

Business Analysis is Dead, Long Live Business Analysis

1 Hour |  
Discuss current business analysis trends to help you think about ways to evolve your BA practice and change the business analysis culture in your organization. Full abstract.

Mastering the Business Analysis Mentoring Relationship

1 Hour |  
Benefits of mentoring for you, roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee roles, the steps to get started, and guidelines for engaging in a mentoring relationship. Full abstract.

Don’t Hesitate…Take Risks to Innovate

1 Hour |  
Get ready to accept all the great ideas you learn every day so you can innovate in your career. Be ready to begin working on your action plan. Full abstract.

Are Your Business Processes Really Processes?

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
Identifying patterns in processes can make them more efficient in the long run and improve your organization’s position within the industry. Full abstract.

Business Analysis Work Plan Overview

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
Using the BA Planning Framework, this session provides an approach to planning that ensures the BA understands the characteristics of the stakeholders, the background of the project, and their organization’s environment in order to appropriately plan and estimate their work. Full abstract.

How to Avoid Business Analysis Typecasting

1 Hour |  
What business analysis skills position you to be effective on a project regardless of its particular characteristics? Full abstract.

Avoiding Data Analysis Pitfalls

1 Hour |   OnDemand-Icon
Techniques and suggestions for eliciting accurate data requirements and avoiding data analysis pitfalls. Full abstract.

Presenting Requirements in a Cohesive Manner

2 Hours |  
A broader perspective of the term requirement, and show why requirements must be analyzed from different perspectives. Full abstract.

Why Should a BA Care About Core Business Processes?

2 Hours |  
A seven-step approach to define your core processes and learn how to use that understanding in the context of your solution definition. Full abstract.

If there is an analysis topic that you don’t see listed here but would like to know more about, let us know and we can add your suggestion to our development efforts.

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