System Interface


A key component of solution design is the analysis of how other systems will interface with the solution. System interface requirements describe how the solution will work with these other systems to allow the business to operate efficiently and smoothly. Another task often important in the transition of solutions is the mapping and migration of data from an ‘old’ system to the new solution.

The following template is a Microsoft Word template that can be used to help analyze and communicate system interface and data migration requirements.

This template package includes:

  • Interface Description
  • Potential Impacts
  • Constraints
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Vendor Integration
  • Error Handling
  • Data Mapping

See our instructor Ali’s blog, What’s Up With Data Analysis?, for more on incorporating this template into her 4 step data analysis process. And, for a more comprehensive understanding of system interface and data migration requirements, see our Detailing Business Data Requirements course.

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System Interface Template

Download now for free and add to your business analysis template library.

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