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Facilitated sessions aren’t just long meetings with a lot of attendees. They are working sessions that require careful planning. When done right, they can reduce the time needed to develop requirements. Done poorly, they can waste a lot of valuable time, yours and your stakeholders’.

Facilitated sessions in virtual environments require even more planning and preparation to ensure that all the technology and visual aids work properly. Overlooking one of these details can mean complete failure.

Want to make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s before and after facilitating a requirements workshop? We’ve got just the templates you need to ensure you are not only prepared, but walk away from the sessions with completed objectives!

This template package includes:

  • Facilitated Session Checklist
  • Outstanding Issue Action Template
  • Session Agenda
  • Session Plan
  • Session Plan Summary
  • Facilitated Session Evaluation Form

Also, download our Happy Meeting Box Template to help ensure you have adequately set your session expectations. This template can be copied and pasted into your invitation.

facilitated session template

Facilitated Session Template Package

Download now for free and add to your business analysis template library.

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Happy Meeting Box

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