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Have you ever been on a team and hear this: “That wasn’t MY ball…I didn’t drop it, it was lying there the whole time. I thought YOU were supposed to have that ball and YOU dropped it!” If so, defining your team collaborative model will be invaluable. It’s also easy to orchestrate, and it doesn’t take much time. In our How to Build a Wildly Productive Collaboration Model blog post, Kate shares how to use this template in detail; but, in short, use this template to identify (as a team) the tasks and responsibilities that:

  • One or more team member or role thinks they own
  • No one seems to own

Once your team collaboration model is complete, you will easily be able to resolve the issues and concerns together to be sure the team is covering everything needed for a successful final outcome. No more balls to be dropped! This Collaboration Model Template is an MS Word document with usage suggestions for your team to ensure roles are communicated, expectations and handoffs between roles are discussed and each team member’s contribution is known.

team collaboration model template

Collaboration Model Template

Download now for free and add to your business analysis template library.

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