Business Analysis Templates

Structure for Business Analysis Tasks

Our business analysis templates offer structured assistance for a wide range of tasks including defining business and functional project requirements, decision making, validating requirements, performing a project cost/benefit analysis and more.

Templates aren’t just for documentation. They can be formal deliverables or an informal work product. Using our business analysis templates helps ensure better and more comprehensive collection of the right requirements from your stakeholders. Think of these templates as a guide to support your analysis techniques. Completing these business analysis templates forces you to be sure you asked the right questions to fully analyze and understand the business area you are working on.

Business Analysis Proficiency Assessment

Take a proactive approach to evaluate your team members from an analytical perspective. We’ve compiled a list of analytical tasks and techniques to determine your team’s range of skills and levels of proficiency as well as identify your team’s analysis skills gaps. More info.

Business Case Template

A business case presents the justification for a project based on feasibility and a cost/benefit analysis. This template includes an executive summary and example tables for presenting costs and benefits. More info.

Collaboration Model Template

Defining your collaborative model is invaluable, easy to orchestrate, and doesn’t take much time. This template includes usage suggestions for your team to ensure roles are communicated, expectations and handoffs between roles are discussed and each team member’s contribution is known. More info.

Course Design Canvas Template

Use this template to facilitate the creation of a custom course. The unique visual design allows designers to work quickly by considering the most important elements of a course and viewing them simultaneously. More info.

Decision Making Process Template

Nothing happens without decisions. As a business analysis professional, it is your job to facilitate decision making. Use these templates to plan and track your project decisions. More info.

Estimating Analysis Time Template

Need help planning and tracking your business analysis work? Use this template to track the tasks involved in each item, the stakeholders involved and their responsibilities, the estimated time needed and any dependencies. More info.

Facilitated Session Templates

Want to make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s before and after facilitating a requirements workshop? Use these templates to ensure you are not only prepared, but walk away from the sessions with completed objectives. More info.

Happy Meeting Box Template

Having trouble accomplishing your goals during meetings? This template can be copied and pasted into your meeting invitation. Includes usage suggestions to guide you on the information needed to ensure you adequately set meeting expectations and that you and your team are prepared. More info.

Mentoring Relationship Template

With the growing need for self-sustaining and cross-functional teams, it is important to take advantage of your existing talent. One way to achieve this goal is through a mentoring program. Use these templates to set expectations, track your mentoring sessions and ensure you are focused on achieving your goals + get our mentor/mentee dos and don’ts bonus. More info.

Requirements Package Template

Tools for data, processes, business rules, and external agents/actors. This template puts all these tools into one document, and organizes it into sections for Business Requirements, Stakeholder Requirements, and Functional Requirements. More info.

Requirements Validation Templates

Did we build the right thing? Did we build the thing right? These are two questions that BAs need to be able to answer as they collaborate with their teams to create a solution. Use these templates to help with requirements validation including test plans, test cases, and defect reporting. More info.

RFP Response Template

Why consider using a template for COTS research and RFPs? Evaluating COTS packages is challenging! Take the time to make the LIST using this template to identify your solution requirements and how your vendors stack up against them. More info.

Stakeholder Analysis Template

Knowing a stakeholder’s correct contact information, role on the project, daily schedule and preferred communication method might be the difference in your ability to elicit the information you need. Download our stakeholder analysis template to keep track of important information about your stakeholder(s). More info.

System Interface Template

A key component of solution design is the analysis of how other systems will interface with the solution. Use this template to help analyze and communicate system interface and data migration requirements. More info.

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Take some of the complexity out of business analysis with our checklists for many business analyst activities.

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Sometimes you just need a quick answer or way to achieve a common goal. Quick tips are best practices based on expert experiences.


A visual representation to use as a quick reference for business analysis topics.

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