Address Team Maturity

Maturity is Critical for Agility

We find business analysis team maturity typically falls into two major maturity buckets. Immature and mature. Depending on where they fall in the spectrum, they have different needs.

Immature Business Analyst Group

This is the group that doesn’t know what they don’t know. Not having a solid grasp on what analysis is, the tools and techniques available to better understand the analysis being performed, and the value good analysis brings, places this group in a position to start from the beginning of the maturity journey.  This grouping needs to see the big picture and how business analysis skills and techniques interact with each other.

Mature Business Analyst Group

A mature group has had formal training and/or many years of experience. Their challenges are centered around a specific issue or a handful of issues.  Examples of common issues among this group can include planning analysis work, scoping an initiative, ensuring non-functional requirements are captured and communicated to the team, and other deeper-dive skills.  These teams need direct help in successfully getting through a more specific challenge.

To better understand where your group falls, take a look at the graph below.


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