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Our business analysis courses were developed in a modularized fashion to address the most common problems organizations face. They cover the broad spectrum of skills and techniques for performing effective business analysis and can be easily broken apart and combined to make the “perfect” solution for your team or organization.

While many times our standard courses are appropriate for an organization’s particular need, we frequently recommend a tailored blend of our course materials and other business analysis services to maximize effectiveness and minimize investment. Through our unique approach, we’re committed to ensuring that your solution leads to realized results.

While many of our courses are offered on an individual level, the value in hosting a private event, whether in-person at your location or via our live, virtual platform, allows the conversation to be tailored around your teams, projects and unique challenges.

Additionally, private training provides measurable savings on your investment of at least 10% per student. The more students, the greater the savings. Our live, virtual delivery option reduces costs further by eliminating instructor travel expenses!

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All of our business analyst courses include interactive real-world, workshops and post-class reinforcements to ensure training sticks. Students will be able to return to their desks and immediately apply their new skills and knowledge. Reinforcement activities through our Make Learning Stick program provide the encouragement and support to continue building on the classroom experience. We also encourage students to bring their projects to class to further help reinforce and apply the concepts being taught.

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