Business Analysis Coaching and Mentoring

Leverage Your Business Analysts

Effective business analysis coaching and mentoring can help companies raise employee results. Learn how to drive more revenue by leveraging your business analysts.

Which is best for you?

Business Analysis Coaching

Is to support individuals that have the foundation to address the issues and need direction in application. It improves their confidence and allows them to work through their challenges with someone that has experience and been successful in the task. It is an invaluable component to employee development and should be combined with any formal training to achieve the change and results expected.

B2T Training offers coaching services in a variety of ways throughout the learning process and beyond, including individual and team level support. Coaching is included in all of our training services.

Business Analysis Mentoring

Is provided as an alternative to formal training for an individual or team in order to learn and grow specific skills that will help you build upon the team’s current skills and strengths to give you a competitive edge. Knowledge transfer in this mode can be very effective for those focused on learning one task to move forward on their project or get started.

B2T Training provides mentoring services for those organizations that do not have internal mentors available or as supplemental resources. This real time service is provided by our experts and can be delivered onsite or virtually.

Purchase Hourly Virtual Mentoring

Did you know we also offer virtual mentoring? This training option available on an individual level as an on-demand service that can be purchased in hourly blocks.

Get coaching or mentoring assistance from our experts:

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