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In our instructor Ali’s blog post, Just Enough Doesn’t Mean None! The Agile Business Analyst Role, she argues against the notion that documentation isn’t needed on agile projects. Specifically, she recommends that, “each team needs to have a serious conversation about what’s just enough and just in time documentation and what skills and resources are available on the team to do it. Bottom line, we still need good business analysis and good documentation for our organizations, maybe even more so in this fast-paced ‘agile’ world!”

Don’t fall into the mindset that there isn’t a role for business analysis in agile. Someone with strong analytical skills should be doing these critical activities throughout the agile project life cycle. This checklist is an MS Word form document that can be printed or used electronically to be sure that at least one person on your team has the skills necessary to perform these activities.

business analysis questions

Agile BA Checklist

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