I recently read an article on CIO.com and thought you may be interested in seeing the Four Secrets to Becoming an IT Star.  According to this article, being an excellent BA will help you on the path to stardom.

The fours secrets are

  1. Be good to your end user
  2. Go beyond the walls of IT and learn the business
  3. Understand the organization’s structure and goals
  4. Build trust with your boss

Don’t you agree those are all qualities excellent BAs possess?   This quote from the article sums it up for me. ‘“People outside of IT won’t necessarily understand tech speak, so you need to present information in a manner so they understand technology and what it provides to the company,” says John Murphy, CIO of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Miss. Murphy’s ability to do so has helped him in the executive suite with other C-level colleagues. “I’ve been able to translate technical information to them in the manner they can understand and assimilate and in a way that shows the benefits to the big picture,” he says. ‘

I have been saying for awhile that the next generation of CIOs will be coming from the BA ranks.  So keep it up and be a star in your organization.  Soar all the way up to the C-level!!!

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