At the Building Business Capabilities (BBC) Conference this year, we challenged conference attendees to get more out of the conference by getting to know new people, sharing what they learned and what they already knew. See what they had to say:

Retrospective Board Activity: Share a lesson that you have learned in one of today’s sessions.

  • Business architecture planning is a must
  • Build a reusable set of skills
  • Decision modeling helps influence strategy
  • Share what you learned with your boss & co-workers
  • Agile can be flexed to suit the situation
  • Change is good…for the right reasons
  • Base user stories on goals & objectives
  • Just in time analysis…1 sprint ahead is too early
  • Find a way to use what you learn right away!
  • Value of story mapping
  • Be an internal entrepreneur
  • Need to find value!!
  • It’s our why that drives our what and how
  • Need to make your retrospectives more meaningful
  • Elicitation techniques: draw pigs & red solo cup
  • In process design, start with what before you decide on how
  • There are no dumb questions

Grab Bag Interview Activity: Give a quick interview by drawing a question & sharing your knowledge, thoughts or opinion.

Grab Bag Interview 1 Grab Bag Interview 2
Grab Bag Interview 3 Grab Bag Interview 4
Grab Bag Interview 5 Grab Bag Interview 6

Want to play the Challenge? You’re in luck! The BBC Challenge was actually a preview of our annual BA Challenge. The goal to become a better business analysis professional remains the same, but we switch up the activities + you get free weekly webinars, the chance to ask our experts your questions, a copy of our Business Analysis for Dummies book and more!

The BA Challenge will be kicking off again February 2015 – we hope you will join us!

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