BA Jedi Master Leadership Academy: Learn how to lead with the BA Force!

Webinar | Seminar

Session Overview

What makes a good leader? There are some people that we can’t wait to work with and others that we dread working with. Do we always know why that is? There are traits that make good leaders. Some people are natural leaders that lead effortlessly. Most people need to find mentors and teachers to become leaders. Find out how networking, influencing and empowerment make you a BA leader with the power of a Jedi master to take action with confidence.

During this presentation learn tools to be a leader who inspires and motivates people to achieve more than they thought possible. Learn techniques that will draw people to you and create powerful relationships. Small changes in how we interact with people provide powerful impacts in our ability to influence and lead. BAs, like Jedis, wield powerful influence in the smallest situations.

Session Roadmap

  • How to motivate and inspire as a leader
  • Techniques for networking
  • Tips for relationship building

Session Details

  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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