Have you been to a BA conference lately?  How about an IIBA chapter meeting?  Maybe you visited some of the on-line BA communities like BA Collective?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have most likely heard people talking about a business analysis center of excellence (CoE).  Many companies are looking to mature their business analysis practice by forming a BA CoE.  If you are one of those companies or individuals developing one or thinking about it, you must see this presentation, BA Centers of Excellence, from Bob Prentiss of Express Scripts and Angela Wick of Genesis10.

Developing a CoE is not easy.  Bob and Angela do a wonderful job of explaining the reasons for developing a CoE, the various levels of a CoE, and real world examples to help you get started on your journey.   Enjoy the presentation and leave comments here on your thoughts of the presentation as well as your CoE experiences.

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