Are Your Business Processes Really Processes?

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Businesses often undertake projects to improve the efficiency of their processes. Many times, however, what is delivered not only misses the mark of making the process more efficient, but may even make it perform worse (by focusing on functional and siloed areas instead of the process as a whole). The real question is What is a Business Process?

A good business analyst will analyze the complete process and establish process levels, decompose, and identify differences between functions, activities, and tasks to determine what is a business process. By communicating to the organization standard definitions of processes and getting everyone in consensus, the overall process can then be solved, rather than just improving one functional area. Using swimlanes to identify processes are great, but knowing how to use them to improve processes helps instead of just making one’s own lane more efficient. This presentation will show you how identifying patterns in processes can make them more efficient in the long run and improve your organization’s position within the industry.


  • Why companies need to understand process levels and the differences in them
  • Create a common naming convention for processes for identification & confirmation
  • Look for ways to improve processes cross-functionally, not just in one swimlane


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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