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Visual Quick-Reference Guides

Learning is almost always more effective when it is reinforced by a visual representation. For this reason, we have produced an infographic, quick-reference guide or cheat sheet to accompany some of our blog posts. Be sure to review the post itself for more information on each topic!

PMI® Guide to Business Analysis Infographic

Use this infographic to help visualize and provide a structure for the contents of PMI®’s Guide to Business Analysis.

Get more details about this infographic in our blog post!

Training from the Back of the Room Infographic

Use this infographic to help understand how this teaching methodology applies the most current cognitive neuroscience principles to achieve an effective instructional design and human learning experience.

Get more details about Training from the Back of the Room in our course outline!

LEGO® Serious Play® Infographic

Use this infographic as a quick guide to better understand how LEGO® pieces can facilitate cultural changes in your organization.

Get more details about LEGO® Serious Play® in our course outline!

Kanban vs Scrum Infographic

It’s important to understand similarities and differences when it comes to Kanban vs Scrum. This infographic displays the key concepts of each approach with a reference to the related agile value to help you determine which is right for you.

Get more details about this infographic in our Kanban vs Scrum Infographic or Baby-Stepping Your Way into Agile Using Kanban Principles blog posts!

IIBA BABOK Infographic

In order to use the BABOK Guide®, it’s helpful to understand that it is oganized as a reference – analysts who want to explore a particular topic can turn directly to that topic without having to read the preceding content.  The B2T BABOK Guide® Infographic is designed to provide a visual overview of the topics in the BABOK Guide®.

Get more details about this IIBA BABOK Infographic blog post!

Process Flow Chart Symbols Cheatsheet

This cheat sheet shows the most frequently used symbols for various types of common flow charts, including ANSI, BMPN, UML, Value Stream Mapping, and SIPOC.

Get more details about flow chart symbols and this infographic on our The Unofficial Guide to Process Flow Chart Symbols blog post!

Ice Breaker and Energizer Infographic

If you are looking for some quick guidelines to help implement fun activities that will make your facilitated sessions more engaging, take some advice from this ice breaker infographic.

Get more details about this infographic in our Ice Breaker and Energizer Infographic post and start using some of our expert instructors’ favorites in your next meeting!

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