A Team Approach to Agile Transformation

Roadmap for Agile Maturity & Optimization

In today’s IT arena, most organizations are at some stage of an agile transformation. Mature teams are using agile methods as their primary software development lifecycle and have most likely mastered the art of building things right and in short iterations. However, we’ve found that many of these teams still need help building the right thing. Many agile teams are jeopardizing their success by working quickly and not understanding how to incorporate the appropriate amount of analysis to ensure they’re building the right, value driven solution.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, other teams are just dipping their toes in the agile pool. For many, the idea of turning a long-term, waterfall project approach into two week sprints is overwhelming. These teams need help determining how they will successfully approach analysis differently – not only in getting over the sprint hurdle, but also the idea of taking team members from a more traditional, role delineated environment to a team based environment.


agile-transition-roadmap_circlesAgile Transformation and Optimization Roadmap

While this is our standard recommendation, we understand that all agile teams are at a different point in their transformation and created this roadmap for maximum flexibility. Tailor this solution to your specific team needs.

Iteration 0 Consultation_Agile Transformation

Iteration 0 Consultation

Where are you now? An assessment to understand the current state of your team. Team members complete a personalized Agile Maturity Assessment to determine your skill gaps and needs, allowing us to tailor a roadmap for your specific environment. Get your team’s assessment started now.

Agile Product Owner Orientation_Agile Transformation

Agile Product Owner Orientation

Set expectations and engagement model with the business and product owners.

Agile Overview_Agile Transformation

Agile Overview

Get everyone on the same page with our Agile Overview, the various approaches of Scrum, Kanban, SAFe. This step helps level-set and highlights the impact of just-in-time requirements.

Agile Boot Camp_Agile Transformation

Agile Analysis Boot Camp

Designed for the entire team, our Agile Analysis Boot Camp is a full submersion into agile and agile requirements, including Kanban, Scrum, and the culture change needed to sustain agile.

Agile Advanced User Story Workshop_Agile Transformation

Agile Advanced User Story Workshop

Use your real world projects to take user stories beyond being a placeholder.

Retrospective Assessment_Agile Transformation

Retrospective Assessment

An agile coach assesses team gaps, identifies root causes and fosters a continuous improvement backlog.

Reflect_Agile Transformation


Set up an on-going plan to measure and provide metrics on key agile success factors.

Regardless of where you team falls, agile needs to be done in a manner that can be sustainable while upholding the spirit of the manifesto and maintaining a healthy, lean cross-functional team environment. Begin your journey to agile maturity using our agile transformation and optimization solution!

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