The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: A 16-Month Agile Transformation Case Study

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Let’s say you work for a company that received a long-term strategic plan with several long-term objectives for the growth and evolution of IT. These objectives include increasing the ability to adapt to a changing environment, strengthen and refine the core business and adopt a more market-centric and customer-focused experience. Once identifying that an agile transformation is the best way to accomplish these goals, you start training right? Right and wrong.

Through this case study presentation, attendees will learn that jumping right in can often cause more problems than solutions. In this specific scenario, team members had received various agile, scrum and Kanban training, but nothing consistent. This left the team with the ability to use agile ceremonies, but not to apply them in a useful, productive manner. Confusion and an overall negative perception of agile began to overwhelm any benefit that agile brought to the table.

It became clear that a more structured approach to agile was needed. This included a focus on healthy teams, changing corporate culture, addressing bad behaviors and bad habits, changing how your reward and recognize success, trust and transparency, failing fast, just enough development, etc. Once these pain points were addressed, the transformation became full circle to include SAFe incorporation, KPI establishment, team restructuring and self-sustaining program development.  Leave the presentation with a radical and yet consumable real-world approach to an agile transformation.


  • Review a 16-month real-world agile transformation roadmap
  • Understand the human aspect of an agile transformation
  • Identify how to overcome roadblocks that make an agile transformation unattractive
  • Discuss the importance of an organization-wide acceptance and adoption of the agile mindset
  • Address common transformation pain points and provide solutions


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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