Timeout! An Agile Team Building Exercise

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Whether you want to or not, it’s an agile world these days and we’re living in it. Good news is that we’ve never been better at communicating. We have daily stand ups, retrospects, and demos – and we are even co-located in many cases. However, with all these touch points, are we REALLY saying what needs to be said?

Our ‘meetings’ are more frequent and less formal but traditional (along with new) progress barriers can still exist. Is someone being an agile bully, defeatist or bad apple? Is there a problem with someone in a leadership position? Is agile being used to micromanage everyone’s work?

These unspoken circumstances can make for some pretty big elephants in the room and can easily turn a simple project into something much more complex. However, having these tough conversations will yield real development breakthroughs. It is important to not let your old dysfunctional, waterfall behaviors fester underneath the surface of your agile implementation.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you are likely in need of an agile timeout. By working through this exercise, teams can overcome the challenges that are holding them back from achieving a healthy, sustainable and mature agile implementation.


  • Determine when a timeout is a good and healthy thing
  • Identify how to have a positive timeout that provides value
  • Review how to respectively put timeout abusers in timeout


  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended Size: Any size audience

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